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Dykes on Bikes Patch

Dykes on Bikes Patch Celebrate Pride

  • Number of Pieces: 1 patch
  • Sizes: Available in multiple size 2,3,4 inches
  • Mounting Type: Iron-on or sew-on

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Dykes on Bikes Patch Celebrate Pride

Within the world of motorcycles, the Dykes on Bikes (DoB) patch is a potent representation of LGBTQ+ pride and community. The following should be known We also have Dirty Biker Patches Edgy Designs 

A Legacy of Pride: Dykes on Bikes Patch

Founded in San Francisco in 1976, Dykes on Bikes is one of the oldest and most recognized LGBTQ+ motorcycle groups globally.

The DoB patch features a bold image of a woman riding a motorcycle, often with the club’s name displayed prominently.

Earning the Patch:

Typically, DoB chapters have a procedure for new members to “patch in” and officially join the club. Attending rides, participating in club activities, and demonstrating loyalty to the DoB’s values are all examples of this.

Not all women who ride motorcycles are affiliated with DoB. The patch signifies membership in a specific club with its traditions and purpose.

Finding a DoB Chapter:

A list of chapters located in a variety of locations can be found on the DoB website. You can also find DoB members in your area by searching online forums or social media groups for LGBTQ+ motorcycle riders.

Respecting the Symbol:

The DoB patch is a symbol of pride and solidarity within the LGBTQ+ motorcycle community. It’s important to respect the history and significance of the patch.

If you’re not a member of a DoB chapter, it’s best not to display the patch on your vest. There are many other ways to show your support for LGBTQ+ rights and your love for motorcycles.

Alternatives for LGBTQ+ Riders:

Rainbow Patches: A simple rainbow patch is a universal symbol of LGBTQ+ pride and can be displayed on your motorcycle vest.

Custom Patches: Design your patch that incorporates elements of your LGBTQ+ identity and your love for riding.

Pride Flags: Many riders choose to fly small pride flags from their motorcycles during rides or rallies.


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