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Biker Vest Back Patch

Biker Vest Back Patch Bold Style

  • Name: Biker Vest Back Patch
  • Size: Available On multiple Size 2,3,4
  • Design: Features club insignia, name, and optional motifs
  • Mounting: Sew-on

Original price was: $19.99.Current price is: $15.99.


Biker Vest Back Patch Bold Style

The biker vest back patch is more than decoration; it’s a chronicle stitched onto leather. This sprawling emblem roars with the rider’s story, their journey etched in thread and symbol.We also have Biker Patch Template Your Riding Gear with Ease

Club Colors or Solo Symphony: Biker Vest Back Patch

Brotherhood Banner: For club members, the patch is a badge of honor. It displays the club’s emblem, mascot, name, and location, a symbol of loyalty and the camaraderie forged on countless miles together.

A Rider’s Canvas: For independent riders, the back patch becomes a personal canvas. It might showcase their trusty steed, a conquered mountain pass, or a symbolic image reflecting their riding style. A lone wolf for the solitary rider, a soaring eagle for the long-distance adventurer.

Symbolism Takes Center Stage:

Mythical Beasts:  Animals like wolves (loyalty), eagles (freedom), or dragons (strength) are popular choices, each carrying a deeper meaning.

Darker Depictions:  Skulls, flames, or grim reapers might be used by riders who embrace a more rebellious or daredevil image.

Crafted for the Journey:

Embroidered Excellence:  This traditional technique offers rich detail and vibrant colors, making the patch a dazzling centerpiece.

A Touch of Flash:  While black is a popular base, some patches incorporate reflective thread or metallic accents for increased visibility and a touch of flair.

More Than Meets the Eye:

Quality Counts: A back patch is an investment. Look for high-quality, durable materials that can withstand the elements and the test of time on the open road.

Personal Touches:  Incorporate your name, nickname, or a significant date into the design for a unique touch.


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