Stitch Patches strive for customer satisfaction and remain focused on designing and manufacturing high-quality patches.
Stitch Patches strive for customer satisfaction and remain focused on designing and manufacturing high-quality patches.
Blank Hat Patches

Blank Hat Patches

Specification Description
Product Name Blank Hat Patches
Usage Patches designed to be customized or decorated
Material Typically fabric, PVC, or leather
Design Options No pre-printed design; ready for customization
Mounting Type Usually adhesive backing or sewn-on
Sizes Available On Multiple Size 2,3,4

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Blank Hat Patches

The basis for making your own customized headgear is a blank hat patch! Because they are available in a variety of sizes and materials, you may let your imagination run wild and create a patch that perfectly captures your own aesthetic.. We also have Baseball Hat Patches

Here’s what you need to know about blank hat patches.

Types of Blank Hat Patches:

  • Embroidered Patches: These have a cloth foundation, which is ideal for embroidered lettering or elaborate designs. They provide a timeless and classic appearancee.
  • Woven Patches: Using woven threads, patches have a smooth texture that makes them perfect for displaying text, logos, or colorful geometric designs.
  • Leather patches: Give off an air of sophistication and toughness. Select from dyed or raw leather, and add personalization with laser engraving, embossing, or debossing (pressed inward) patterns.
  • PVC Patches: Produce a striking three-dimensional impression, perfect for giving mascots, insignia, or any other design that needs to stand out on the surface

Things to Consider When Choosing:

  • Material: Choose a material that accentuates the design and overall style of your hat. PVC gives a bolder touch, whereas leather has a more classic appearance.


  • Size: Select a size that fits the hat well. A trucker hat can accommodate a larger patch, but a baseball cap would look good with a smaller one.
  • Attachment Method: Think about the best way to fasten the patch on your hat. Although sewing offers the highest level of security, novices may find iron-on (if the materials are suitable) to be a more practical option.

Personalizing Your Blank Patch:

  • DIY Embroidery: Using an embroidery needle and floss, you can draw your own design on the blank patch if you know how to sew.
  • Iron-On Transfers: If your blank patch can be ironed onto, you can print your own design or choose from a variety of pre-made designs.
  • Fabric Markers: For a more straightforward method, write, draw, or color your design onto the blank patch using fabric markers.

Attaching Your Patch:

  • Sewing: The safest approach, perfect for any kind of headwear and repeated use. For a polished look, you can have a tailor make it yourself or hire one.
  • Iron-On (for compatible materials): An easy choice for novices, but with repeated washings and wearing, the bond may deteriorate with time. Make sure the material of your hat is appropriate for iron-on appliqué by looking at the care label.
  • Heat Press (for compatible materials): provides a strong and competent link. Heat press is a common tool used by custom patch firms, and it functions best with synthetic materials like polyester.

It’s really easy to customize hat patches with blank fronts! You can design a distinctive and fashionable hat to honor a particular occasion, represent your hobbies or personality.

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