Stitch Patches strive for customer satisfaction and remain focused on designing and manufacturing high-quality patches.
Stitch Patches strive for customer satisfaction and remain focused on designing and manufacturing high-quality patches.
Chenille Patch Flower

Blossom Your Style with our Chenille Patch Flower

Feature Specification Style Chenille Theme Flower Number of Pieces Variable Mounting Type Sew-on or Iron-on Sizes Available On Multiple Size 2,3,4

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Blossom Your Style with our Chenille Patch Flower

Bloom with Style: Chenille Flower Patches for Every Look

Take advantage of our lovely selection of Chenille Flower Patches to infuse your outfit with a little of flowery flare! For anybody who wishes to add a dash of natural charm to their style, these colorful appliques with their assortment of lovely blossoms are ideal. We also have Chenille Patch Emblems Add a Touch of Distinction to Your Look Plush Texture, Blooming Beauty:

Made from soft and cuddly chenille, these patches come in a stunning array of colorful and detailed flower designs. Imagine delicate daisies, vibrant sunflowers, whimsical roses, or even playful cacti – the options are endless! The chenille adds a plush, dimensional feel, making your flowers truly pop and adding a touch of blooming beauty wherever you go.

Effortless Application:

Ditch the sewing kit! Our user-friendly iron-on application process allows you to transform your garments in minutes. Simply follow the included instructions for a flawless application that adheres securely to various fabrics for long-lasting wear.

Beyond the Bloom:

Let your floral style blossom everywhere! Liven up a tote bag, add a touch of springtime to a backpack, jazz up a denim jacket, or even personalize a phone case for a touch of floral fancy.

Product Features:

Wide variety of beautiful flower designs to match your unique style
Plush chenille construction for a soft and dimensional look
Easy iron-on application for effortless customization
Durable and long-lasting to withstand your blooming adventures
Don’t be afraid to add a touch of floral whimsy! Order your Chenille Flower Patches today and transform any item into a vibrant and personalized masterpiece!

Here are some additional ideas for Chenille Flower Patch designs:

Seasonal blooms: Celebrate the changing seasons with patches featuring spring flowers, summer sunflowers, autumn leaves, or winter berries.
Birth flowers: Showcase your birth month with a patch featuring its corresponding flower.
Watercolor effect: Opt for chenille patches with a soft watercolor look for a dreamy and artistic touch.
Combine with other elements: Create a unique patch by incorporating flowers with butterflies, bees, or gardening tools.


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