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fr iron on patches

FR Iron On Patches Safety and Style Combined

Feature Specification
Product Name FR Iron On Patches: Safety and Style Combined
Theme Fire-resistant, Safety, Style
Design Various designs suitable for fire-resistant clothing
Number of Pieces Set of multiple patches
Mounting Type Iron-on backing for easy application to fire-resistant fabric
Sizes Available On Multiple Size 2,3,4

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FR Iron On Patches Safety and Style Combined

FR Iron On Patches: Safety Meets Style for the Modern Professional

For those who prioritize both safety and personal expression in their workwear, FR Iron On Patches offer the perfect solution. These innovative patches combine essential flame-resistant protection with the ability to personalize your uniform, creating a look that’s both functional and stylish. We also have Floral Patches Iron On Blossom Your Style

Safety You Can Trust:fr iron on patches

FR-Compliant Protection: First and foremost, FR iron-on patches are made with flame-resistant materials that meet industry safety standards like NFPA 2112 or ASTM F1506. This ensures they won’t melt or ignite in the event of an arc flash or similar hazard, providing crucial protection for workers in high-risk environments.
Durable Design, Lasting Safety: These patches are built to withstand the wear and tear of demanding jobs. The high-quality materials and flame-resistant properties won’t degrade over time, ensuring long-lasting safety compliance.

Express Yourself While Staying Protected:

A World of Designs: Beyond the essential safety function, FR iron-on patches come in a wide variety of styles and designs. From company logos and department identifiers to rank insignia and motivational quotes, you can find patches that reflect your individuality and role within your company.
Effortless Application, Personalized Style: The heat-activated backing allows for a secure and simple application process. In no time, you can transform your FR clothing into a personalized uniform that reflects your unique style and keeps you safe.

Beyond Functionality, They Foster Camaraderie:

Team Spirit and Recognition: FR iron on patches can be used to create a sense of team spirit and camaraderie within your workplace. Matching patches can unify your team’s appearance while also highlighting individual achievements or department roles.
A Conversation Starter: Patches can spark conversations and act as a source of pride for your profession. They showcase your dedication to safety and can even serve as icebreakers when meeting new colleagues in your field.

FR Iron On Patches: The Perfect Blend

By combining essential safety features with the ability for personal expression, FR iron-on patches offer a win-win for both workers and employers. So ditch the monotony of generic workwear and embrace a look that prioritizes both safety and style. With FR iron-on patches, you can showcase your individuality and team spirit while staying protected on the job.


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