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gorilla morale patch

Gorilla Morale Patch Unleash Your Wild Side

  • Product Name: Gorilla Morale Patch
  • Material: High-quality embroidered fabric
  • Dimensions:Available On Multiple Size 2,3,4
  • Design: Detailed and vivid gorilla illustration
  • Features: Hook backing for easy attachment to loop surfaces

Original price was: $19.00.Current price is: $15.00.


Gorilla Morale Patch Unleash Your Wild Side

Gear up and exhibit your power with a gorilla spirit fix! These patches address strength, assurance, and a bit of ferocity – ideal for any individual who needs to show their wild soul. To find the ideal gorilla patch, consider the following options WE also have Custom Patches PVC Durable Personalized Embellishments

Channel the Classic:gorilla morale patch

Gorilla Head: A bold, embroidered patch featuring a majestic gorilla head instantly conveys strength and resilience.

Silverback Silhouette: Showcase the dominance of a silverback gorilla with a sleek, monochromatic silhouette patch.

Embrace the Action:

Roaring Gorilla: A fierce gorilla roaring patch captures the raw power and untamed spirit of these incredible creatures.

Charging Gorilla: A dynamic patch featuring a charging gorilla embodies determination and unstoppable momentum.

Show Your Tactical Side:

Gorilla with Weapon (Specify Weapon): This patch combines gorilla imagery with a weapon like a crossed machete or a grenade (ensure it complies with regulations if intended for military use) for a tactical edge.

Camo Gorilla: A gorilla silhouette rendered in camouflage fabric adds a tactical touch to your gear.

A Touch of Humor:

“Banana Fueled Strength”: This playful patch combines a gorilla with a banana, adding a touch of humor to your strength symbol.

“Don’t Monkey Around”: This lighthearted phrase paired with a gorilla image injects some fun into your morale patch.

Material Matters:

Embroidered Excellence: Select a high-quality embroidered patch for a detailed and textured look that showcases the fur texture and powerful features of the gorilla.
PVC Perfection: Consider a PVC patch for a sleek, 3D effect that gives your gorilla design a bolder look.
Reflective Material (Optional): Add a touch of tactical functionality with reflective material for low-light operations (ensure compliance with real-world military use restrictions).
Finding Your Perfect Gorilla Patch:

Online Retailers: Explore the vast selection offered by online retailers like Etsy, Redbubble, or Amazon. You’ll find a treasure trove of custom and pre-made gorilla morale patches from independent artists and fellow gorilla enthusiasts.
Military Surplus Stores (for specific designs): These stores might carry patches unofficially referencing military units nicknamed “Gorillas” (ensure they comply with regulations if intended for military use).
Sporting Goods Stores (for specific mascots): If your favorite sports team has a gorilla mascot, you might find official team patches.


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