Stitch Patches strive for customer satisfaction and remain focused on designing and manufacturing high-quality patches.
Stitch Patches strive for customer satisfaction and remain focused on designing and manufacturing high-quality patches.
Hawkins Police Badge Stranger Things

Hawkins Police Badge Stranger Things

  • Channel your inner Chief Hopper: Show your love for Stranger Things with this iconic embroidered patch featuring the Hawkins Police Department badge.
  • Iron-on convenience: Easily attach this patch to jackets, backpacks, hats, or anywhere you want to add a touch of the Upside Down.
  • Officially licensed: This high-quality patch is officially licensed by Netflix, ensuring authenticity and detail.
  • Perfect for fans: A must-have for any Stranger Things enthusiast, cosplay, or collection.

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Hawkins Police Badge Stranger Things Iron On Patch

Patrol Hawkins and the terrifying Upside Down by wearing this high quality iron on patch embroidered with the iconic logo of the Hawkins Police Department, as featured in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. This durable 3 inch round badge patch allows you to affix the symbol of your favorite authority figures from the show onto clothing, bags, hats and more.

Crafted from a thick high-grade fabric backing and embroidered threads, this Hawkins Police Badge Stranger Things can adhere securely to fabric items using a hot iron or heat press to activate the heat-seal glue. The patch features an embroidery border, giving dimension to the design.

At the top of the badge-inspired emblem reads “Hawkins Police”, establishing this as the brave team led by Chief Jim Hopper who investigate strange happenings and protect the citizens of their small Indiana town. Below the name banner sits the “Est. 1961” date, adding authentic detail.

The iconic center design mirrors the prop badge logo from the show – a blue circular background representing the state of Indiana with a rifle-wielding Hoosier farmer. This Agriculture Seal pays homage to Hawkins’ fictional location in the state known for farming.

An outer ring reads “Hawkins City Police Department”, completing the realistic badge details that fans will recognize from key scenes. As one of the most identifiable symbols in Stranger Things, wearing this HPD logo lets you carry the spirit of Hawkins’ finest every day.

Hawkins Police Badge Stranger Things

Ironing on this Hawkins Police Badge Stranger Things patch is quick and easy thanks to the heat-activated adhesive glue on the backside. Simply trim any fabric strings, place your patch image-side up on your fabric item, cover with a towel, then apply a hot iron for 3-5 minutes.

The high quality Hawkins Police Badge Stranger Things thick patch fabric and special glue allows the logo to adhere strongly while still being removable if needed. Ironing on this badge emblem instead of using pins or stitches gives it a clean, official look.

At 3 inch diameter, this embroidered HPD badge iron on patch will stand out brightly on any item or fabric it’s adhered to. The crisp stitching pops against backgrounds while the fabric border of Hawkins Police Badge Stranger Things adds dimension. Bright colors accurately match the logo from the show.

This special Hawkins Police badge patch makes the perfect addition to clothes, outerwear, bags, hats and other accessories. Use it as a cosplay detail, outfit upgrade or a daily reminder of your favorite Stranger Things authority icons like Chief Hopper.

Pair it with other embroidered Stranger Things patches to create a collection on a denim jacket, messenger bag or cap. Mix with other 80s inspired patches for a fresh retro look infused with sci-fi style. The looks you can create with this Hawkins Police Badge Stranger Things patch are infinite!

This bright Police patch brings the enthralling world of Stranger Things to life every time you wear it. Reminisce over memorable moments like Chief Hopper investigating Will Byers’ eerie disappearance or leaving waffles for Eleven in her forest hideout.

The Hawkins Police Badge Stranger Things also represents safety and integrity within the show’s chaotic world where otherworldly beasts crawl from the foreboding parallel dimension known as the Upside Down. Display your fandom and admiration for the protectors of Hawkins with pride.

As an officially licensed Stranger Things product, this embroidery patch offers fans a fun new way to engage with their favorite show. The durable iron on application and vivid colors treat you to a high quality item that will hold up to regular wear and washing.

Whether you’re a fan hosting a Stranger Things viewing party, attending a comic con, dressing up for Halloween or simply want daily inspiration from Hawkins, Indiana, this vibrant Hawkins Police Badge Stranger Things iron on patch delivers. We also have King Of Hearts Patch

Bring the enthralling sci-fi world of Stranger Things closer than ever by adorning your clothing and accessories with an iconic symbol featured heavily throughout the series – the badge of the brave Hawkins Police Department, led by Chief Jim Hopper.

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