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Lilo And Stitch Ohana

Lilo And Stitch Ohana

Feature Description
Product Name Lilo and Stitch Ohana Patch
Style Theme Lilo and Stitch, Ohana
Design Elements Features Lilo, Stitch, and/or “Ohana” text
Number of Pieces 1
Mounting Type Sew-on or Iron-on
Sizes Available On Multiple Size 2,3,4

Original price was: $15.00.Current price is: $12.95.


Lilo And Stitch Ohana

All Earth Angels and people who value the power of family (or ‘Ohana) are invited! Weave a snare of fellowship and feature your adoration for Lilo and Join with this brilliant Lilo and Fasten ‘Ohana Companionship Wristband Set! We also have Lilo And Stitch Jumba Jookiba

Crafted with Aloha:Lilo And Stitch Ohana

This set incorporates numerous kinship arm bands roused by Lilo and Fasten and the idea of ‘Ohana, a Hawaiian word meaning family. These bracelets are fashionable and comfortable for people of all ages thanks to their adjustable clasps and high-quality materials.

Embrace the Spirit of ‘Ohana:

Lilo and Join’s story is an endearing update that family comes in all shapes and sizes. These arm bands are a wonderful method for commending the bond you share with your own ‘Ohana, whether it’s close family members, dear companions, or even a wicked blue examination!

Multiple Designs to Choose From:

The set offers a variety of designs featuring iconic elements from the movie:

Lilo’s Vibrant Colors: Bold and colorful bracelets reflecting Lilo’s adventurous spirit.
Stitch’s Mischievous Charm: Playful designs that capture Stitch’s unique personality.
The Power of ‘Ohana: Bracelets featuring the word ‘Ohana itself, a constant reminder of the importance of family.
The Perfect Gift for Sharing:

Share this Lilo & Stitch ‘Ohana Friendship Bracelet Set with your best friends, siblings, or anyone else you think belongs in your ‘Ohana. It’s a superb method for reinforcing your security and praise the force of kinship.

Show Your Love and Order Yours Today!

Don’t miss out on this chance to showcase your love for Lilo & Stitch and the heartwarming message of ‘Ohana. Order your Lilo & Stitch ‘Ohana Friendship Bracelet Set today and start weaving your own web of friendship!


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