Stitch Patches strive for customer satisfaction and remain focused on designing and manufacturing high-quality patches.
Stitch Patches strive for customer satisfaction and remain focused on designing and manufacturing high-quality patches.
minnesota twins

Minnesota Twins ‘TC’ Logo Patch (White Border)

  • Design: Minnesota Twins ‘TC’ Logo Patch
  • Theme: Representing the Minnesota Twins team
  • Authenticity: Officially licensed MLB merchandise
  • Border: White border for contrast against background
  • Application: Sew-on or iron-on backing for easy attachment

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Minnesota Twins ‘TC’ Logo Patch (White Border)

Rep the Twin Cities with Pride: Own a Piece of History with the Minnesota Twins ‘TC’ Logo Patch (White Border)

Calling all Minnesota Twins fans, baseball history buffs, and lovers of unique memorabilia! Celebrate your dual love for the “Twinkies” and the Twin Cities with the officially licensed Minnesota Twins ‘TC’ Logo Patch (White Border). This isn’t just an embroidered patch; it’s a tangible connection to Minnesota baseball history, a symbol of local pride, and a chance to spark conversations about the team’s legacy. We also have Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Round Sleeve ‘1961’ Patch (2012)

A Badge of Baseball and Local Love:minnesota twins

Owning the Minnesota Twins ‘TC’ Logo Patch (White Border) signifies:

A Tribute to Minnesota Baseball: Show your dedication to the Minnesota Twins, a beloved franchise with a rich history dating back to 1960. This patch allows you to connect with the team’s legacy and celebrate their iconic moments at Target Field.
Embrace the “Twin Cities” Spirit: Channel the pride and passion of Minnesotans, known for their unwavering support for the Twins and their deep connection to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area. This patch allows you to showcase your love for both the team and the state.
Relive Iconic Moments: Rekindle the memories of legendary players like Kirby Puckett, Harmon Killebrew, and Joe Mauer, and the epic playoff battles that have cemented the Twins’ place in baseball history. This patch is a reminder of the excitement and triumphs that have captivated Minnesota fans for generations.
Spark Conversations and Camaraderie: Become a conversation starter and connect with fellow Twins fans or Minnesota natives. This patch is an invitation to share stories, reminisce about past victories, and celebrate the shared passion for the Twins and the Twin Cities.

Beyond Target Field: Wear Your Minnesota Pride Everywhere:

The Minnesota Twins ‘TC’ Logo Patch (White Border) isn’t confined to game days; it allows you to express your Minnesota pride wherever you go:

Personalize Your Attire: Add the patch to your jackets, hats, backpacks, or even jeans, subtly incorporating a reminder of your Minnesota spirit into your everyday outfits.
Revamp Vintage Gear: Breathe new life into your vintage Twins jerseys or jackets by adding this patch to replace lost or damaged ones. It ensures authenticity and historical accuracy, allowing you to proudly display your collection.
Unique and Meaningful Gifts: Surprise fellow Twins fans or Minnesota residents with a unique and commemorative gift. This patch is a treasured keepsake that celebrates their love for the team and their connection to the state.

Quality and Craftsmanship You Can Trust:

The Minnesota Twins ‘TC’ Logo Patch (White Border) offers more than just a commemorative design; it represents a commitment to quality and official licensing:

Officially Licensed: Support the Minnesota Twins organization and Major League Baseball by purchasing authentic merchandise. This ensures the patch is of high quality and meets the official standards set by the team and the league.
Durable and Versatile: Crafted with meticulous detail and high-quality materials, the patch is built to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, allowing you to proudly showcase your Twins pride for years to come.
Multiple Applications: Consider offering the patch with various adhesive options, catering to different needs and preferences. This allows for easy application to jerseys, jackets, or other fabrics, with options like iron-on or sew-on attachments.

A Timeless Tribute to Minnesota Baseball and Community:

The Minnesota Twins ‘TC’ Logo Patch (White Border) transcends mere merchandise; it’s a timeless tribute to Minnesota baseball and community:

A Legacy of Excellence: Celebrate the Minnesota Twins’ journey from expansion team to World Series champions, showcasing their resilience, determination, and dedication to the sport. This patch is a reminder of their impact on the game and their enduring presence in the hearts of fans.
A Bridge Between Generations: Connect past and present generations of Twins fans. This patch allows older fans to reminisce about past glories and introduces younger fans to the rich history and traditions of the team and the Twin Cities.
A Symbol of Shared Identity: Foster a sense of belonging and shared passion among the Twins fan base and Minnesotans alike. This patch is a symbol of the state’s identity, uniting fans through their love for the team and their connection to the Twin Cities.


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