Stitch Patches strive for customer satisfaction and remain focused on designing and manufacturing high-quality patches.
Stitch Patches strive for customer satisfaction and remain focused on designing and manufacturing high-quality patches.
Patch Faux Leather

Patch Faux Leather

Specification Details
Product Name Faux Leather Patch
Material Synthetic leather or faux leather
Size Available On Multiple Size 2,3,4
Shape Various shapes available (e.g., square, round)
Thickness Typically thin, around 1-2 millimeters
Usage Sewing onto clothing, bags, accessories
Color Various colors available to mimic different leather tones

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Patch Faux Leather

Patch Faux Leather also sometimes called pleather patches, can be a great alternative to genuine leather patches. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know. We also have Leather Sticker Patch

Advantages of Patch Faux Leather:Patch Faux Leather

  • Cost-Effective: Faux leather is generally more affordable than genuine leather, making it a budget-friendly option for customizing your clothes and accessories.
  • Wider Color Variety: Faux leather comes in a wider range of colors and finishes compared to genuine leather, allowing for more creative design possibilities.
  • Animal-Friendly: For those who prefer vegan options, faux leather patches are a good alternative.
  • Easier Care: Faux leather is often easier to care for than genuine leather. You can usually clean it with a damp cloth, while genuine leather might require special conditioners.

Disadvantages of Patch Faux Leather:

  • Durability: Genuine leather is generally more durable than faux leather, which may crack or peel over time, especially with frequent wear and tear.
  • Look and Feel: Faux leather may not have the same rich, natural look and feel of genuine leather. It can sometimes appear more plastic-like.

Here are some things to consider when using Patch Faux Leather:

  • Project Type: For temporary applications or less frequently used items, faux leather patches can be a good choice. However, for well-loved pieces that get a lot of wear, genuine leather might be a better option in terms of longevity.
  • Matching the Material: Faux leather patches can look great on denim, canvas, and other casual fabrics. However, they might not complement finer materials like wool or silk as well as genuine leather would.

Attaching Faux Leather Patches:

Faux leather patches can be attached using the same methods as genuine leather patches:

  • Sewing: The most secure and traditional method, ensuring the patch stays firmly attached even after frequent wear and washing. However, it requires some sewing skills and tools.
  • Iron-on: A convenient option for those less comfortable with sewing. Pre-made iron-on faux leather patches are available, but the bond might not be as strong as sewing. Always test a hidden area of the fabric to ensure it can withstand the heat of ironing.

Overall, faux leather patches offer a versatile and affordable way to personalize your belongings. They are a great choice for those on a budget or who prefer a wider range of color options. Just consider the trade-offs in terms of durability and aesthetics when making your decision.


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