Stitch Patches strive for customer satisfaction and remain focused on designing and manufacturing high-quality patches.
Stitch Patches strive for customer satisfaction and remain focused on designing and manufacturing high-quality patches.
Patches On A Leather Jacket

Patches On A Leather Jacket

  • Style/Theme: Assorted patches with various designs, such as logos, emblems, symbols, or artwork.
  • Number of Pieces: Varies depending on the customization or pre-designed options, usually sold in sets or individually.
  • Mounting Type: Sew-on, iron-on, or adhesive backing, depending on personal preference and the type of leather jacket.
  • Sizes: Available On Multiple Size 2,3,4.

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Patches On A Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are a timeless fashion staple, and patches can take yours from ordinary to extraordinary! Here’s how to use patches to personalize your leather jacket. We also have Jeans Leather Patch

Why Patches Work on Leather Jackets:Patches On A Leather Jacket

  • Customization: Patches let you tell your story and express your unique style.
  • Durability: Leather and patches are both known for lasting a long time, creating a cherished piece.
  • Versatility: Patches come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, allowing you to find something perfect for you.
  • Timeless Appeal: Patches add a timeless, rugged touch that complements the leather jacket’s classic look.

Types of Patches for Leather Jackets:

  • Embroidered Patches: These detailed and colorful patches offer a professional look, ideal for logos, emblems, or detailed artwork.
  • Woven Patches: Woven patches have a classic, textured look and work well for simpler designs or lettering.
  • Iron-on Patches: A convenient option for heat-resistant leathers, but for maximum security, consider sewing them on as well.
  • Sew-on Patches: The most secure way to attach a patch, allowing for more intricate designs and various materials.
  • Leather Patches: These create a unified look, ideal for initials, small logos, or custom designs.

Where to Place Patches on a Leather Jacket:

  • Back: A classic spot for large patches, like club logos, band insignias, or statement pieces.
  • Front: Smaller patches can go on the chest, ideal for showcasing your interests (e.g., motorcycle emblems) or funny slogans.
  • Sleeves: Patches on the upper arm (bicep area) are a popular choice for smaller insignia or band logos.

Tips for Patch Placement:

  • Balance is Key: Avoid overcrowding your jacket. Arrange patches for a visually pleasing composition.
  • Consider Symmetry: Placing patches on either side of the chest or on both sleeves can create a balanced look.
  • Alignment Matters: Ensure patches are straight and centered to maintain a polished look.

Remember: When adding patches to a leather jacket, it’s generally best to sew them on for a more secure and permanent attachment. However, some iron-on patches may work on certain leathers. Always follow the patch’s attachment instructions and conduct a test on a hidden area of your jacket before applying heat.


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